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“Smart” Kitchen

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In today’s day and age everywhere you look there is new technology from a new cell phone every couple months, new computers, and now even new kitchen accessories. Here at Summit Kitchens we wanted to show you five different appliances and accessories that are tech savvy. First the orange chef prep pad, this is a cutting board as well as a smart food scale. The prep pad gives you a detailed look at the over all nutrition of what is on the board. The prep pad is compressed of a unibody aluminum base and food scale, it is also a non-porous recycled paper composite top. The prep pad only works on an iOS device. Another tech savvy product that works with an iOS system is the ispoon. The ispoon allows you to navigate through recipes on your ipad and keeps the wooden tasting & mixing spoon clean. Not all smart products for your kitchen are tech savvy. The Joseph Joseph elevate kitchen tools improves hygiene and minimize the mess made by placing utensils on kitchen countertop. This product is available in different colours and a variety of essential kitchen tools. The fourth product is the ISI Basic flex-it measuring cups. These measuring cups are microwave and dishwasher safe, no spills with smooth inside and textured outside. Last but not least, Samsung has created a slide in induction chef collection range. This oven counter top is a state of the art range and a flex duo oven. The flex duo oven allows you to cook two dishes at two different temperatures at the same time. A disclaimer we have not tried any of these products and we are not endorsing any of these products.

Studio D Shoe Store

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Toronto Life wrote a great article about a new shoe store Studio D. Studio D is a high end shoe store located on Yonge Street. Summit Kitchens was fortunate to be able to build the cash desk as well as some cabinetry for the store. The pictures below were taken the day we installed the cash desk. Check out the Toronto Life article;

White Kitchen

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With every season comes different trends and styles for your house and very own personal style. If you follow every trend out there for your home you will constantly be buying new wall colour, different counter tops and will be renovating your kitchen 4 times a year. Who has time for that ? One thing that you can do is have a clean classic white kitchen, the white is like a clean slate. If you want your kitchen larger but don’t have the room or finically can not do it a easy fix is to make your kitchen appear larger is with white. White kitchens never go out of style since its like a blank canvas, you can decorate it anyway you want. It works for very season no matter the trends by add a bold dark colour for winter, a pop of colour for spring, a pastel colour for summer and natural colours for fall. You can dress up your kitchen by choosing a unique backsplash and hardware.  White is not a boring kitchen colour anymore it is simplistic, classic, open and clean.

Kitchen Maintenance

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Kitchen cabinets are exposed to more dirt, bacteria and grease more then any other area in the home. Summit Kitchens & Fine Cabinetry would like to give you some help on how to properly clean your kitchen.

For everyday care and cleaning we recommend wiping down your kitchen cabinets and counter tops with a damp towel. Give special attention to areas around the sink and dishwasher. When it comes to your cabinets you can also clean any finished wood cabinets with mild soap and water solution. Take a slightly dampened cloth to wipe down the finish wood, making sure to dry the cabinets afterwards. Not only should you be cleaning your kitchen cabinets but you should also clean your kitchen hardware. Cleaning your kitchen hardware is simple just take a dry cloth and wipe down the handles to get the grease off of them. To clean the hinges on cabinet doors take a cotton-tipped swab to get the dust off. Some cleaning products you should avoid are ones with harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaning products such as tub & sink cleaning, solvent based or petroleum based products and bleach or cleaning products that include bleach.