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3rd Annual Waverly Open

Once again we hosted the Waverly Open at The Sleepy Hollow Golf and Country Club on Sept 5th 2013. This event is scheduled annually and it is in support of Tuberous Sclerosis and the Sick Kids hospital in Toronto.

Tuberous sclerosis is a group of two genetic disorders that affect the skin, brain/nervous system, kidneys, and heart, and cause tumors to grow. The diseases are named after a tuber- or root-shaped growth in the brain.

Waverly is a special little sunbeam in the lives of all who know her and love her. She teaches us to believe in dreams and to keep faith alive in everything we do and to never give up. She show us how to enjoy each day with smile, laughter and love in our hearts.


Waverly and the Blue Dolphins was written by Waverly’s Grandmother to help raise money to help critically ill children with Tuberous Sclerosis. For more information visit,

Music Track Credits:

– Petit Talibé – David
– Monsters Skank – Jimi Needles
– The Booty Jam – Basement Freaks
– Rock Steady – Aretha Franklin (Pekoe Edit)

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