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Spring Trends

Spring Trends

Spring has sprung !! With the snow melting and weather getting warmer its time to think about transitioning your home between seasons. This can be a lot simpler then you might think, you can change your home decor instantly by carefully selecting accessories to add to your space.  Some of the big trends popping up this season are gold in the kitchen, bring the outside in, patterns, mixed metals and blue.

Gold In the Kitchen

Adding gold elements to you kitchen gives it a je ne sias qui look and feel. With a modern or traditional kitchen adding gold creates a more luxurious feel. When it comes to trying gold out take baby steps start off with changing your drawer handles, add a couple little gold accessories. If you want to go bold try changing your main light fixtures, adding gold detail to your chairs or change you hood vent to have gold details on the inside.

Bring Outside In

With last week being the official start to the spring season its time to freshen up your interior. You can go with a beautiful flower arrangements or you could go with some very simple green foliage. When it comes to bring the outside into your kitchen a very budget friendly way is to have your herbs be displayed in the planters. Bringing the outside in allows you to make home small spring fresh and look spring ready.


This seasons patterns are very much relaxed graphics and loose geometrics. The trick to working with patterns is not to over do it take it slow. Start with a pattern that is not to cluttered and/or very loud, nothing to bold and in your face. Adding patterns to a wall in your home will transform your space, set the tone for the room and reinforce the vision you are going for with the decor.

Mixed Metals

Many people think mixing metals is not a good idea with the different finishes and styles, but thats not the case this season. Mixing metals in your kitchen keeps things interesting and bolder. From warm metals like copper and rose gold to cool metals like silver pair beautiful with most colours. Mixing metals can be done on light fixtures, noticeable plumbing fixtures, furniture and home accessories.


Every season there is one or two colours that stand out from the rest, this spring season that colour is blue. Blue will bring that necessary pop of colour that your house might need. Darker blues like navy, indigo, inky blue is a good alternative for black this season. Lighter blue tones like aqua to teal works to make the decor of your home have a more claiming effect. Try it out with some accessories from couch pillows, lamp shades to rugs.

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